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Guys! You need your gal's good, good loving, so you need VigRX Plus!
You're at a dance, you are dancing with increasingly sexual moves. She is so sexy. STOP! Did you know 40% of men over age 40 have erectile dysfunction (ED)? Can you guess why VigRX Plus might be important to you and her? ED means a guy can't get his penis to work properly to perform sexual intercourse. Well, it's not so straight up as you might guess.

VigRX Plus is the next advancement of VigRX, which itself was a next generation streamlined male sex-enhancement. VigRX has 6 main working botanicals as ingredients to mobilize your sexual prowess leading to ecstatic orgasm. Take a pill and have a sexual encounter culminating in a stunning orgasm for you and your partner. To understand how and why VigRX works we must delve into some specs about sexual anatomy and physiology with references to the ingredients and experiences synergistically generated by VigRx.

Its six ingredients are botanicals:

  1. Ginkgo Biloba [leaf]
  2. Asian Red/ Panax Ginseng [root]
  3. Saw Palmetto [berry]
  4. Muira Pauma [bark]
  5. Erythroxylum Catuaba [bark extract]
  6. Crataegi Hawthorn [berryfructus]

Before physical sex begins, your libido (sex drive) must be activated often by erotic dreams such as you and your partner making love on the beach. Catuaba(5) and Muira Pauma(4) serve to initiate this first stage of love making. Sexual intercourse is not possible for a guy unless his penis stands straight, firm, tall, and with the sufficient thickness to stimulate his partner's vagina. Underlying this anatomical stage in a healthy man is the need to fill in the penis two paired tubes called the Corpora Cavernosa. The cavernosa contain spongy tissue and blood vessels. As the cavernosa fills with blood its internal tissues give structure and firmness to your penis. And man it feels good, doesn't it!

Three of the VigRX ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba(1), Saw Palmetto(3), and Red Ginseng(2) initiate the vigorous blood circulation, pressure, and oxygenation to the brain, respectively, to make your penis ready for action. Successful enjoyable sexual intercourse require your arteries be relaxed, and that your heart, and brain work together for best results. Hawthorn berry relaxes and integrates your male sexual enhancement system. You are ready for action!

During follow-up clinical feedback and research, results revealed that VigRX could be improved to yield increased duration, pleasure, and orgasmic ecstasy by adding three more ingredients and a regime for your sexual encounters. VigRX became VigRX Plus.

Why improve your sex experiences?

Did you know you must give her more than a one night stand occasionally? With her your romance, love making, sexual intercourse, and orgasm must build and build your special sexual system. VigRX Plus is your assurance that over time your sexual experiences will grow, and evolve. Your sexual encounters will increasingly yield ecstasy better and better, orgasmic pleasure and transcendence for you both.

VigRX Plus is about assuring your body's sexual equipment and system work properly from the first phase to the final amazing state of pleasure, ecstasy, and supreme orgasm every time you mate! You two will enjoy every step of the reach, your climb, your evolving sexual prowess. The male sexual system is a complex interplay of many different parts... and for maximum pleasure, each must be in prime working condition!

The additional three ingredients are:

  1. Bioperine is a bioavailability agent for these herbals. Bioperine increases the botanicals' absorption rates.
  2. Damiana Turnera is a natural aphrodisiac that along with next ingredient
  3. Tribulus Terrestris increase sexual stamina, efficiency, and your overall sexual enhancement experiences.

Coupled to a sexual experience regime lasting from 2 or 3 weeks to about 4 months improved the regular VigRX experience dramatically to become VigRX Plus!

The all natural dietary health supplement VigRX Plus is an evolution in male sexual enhancements. For the best sexual intercourse experiences and increasingly pleasurable orgasms try VigRX Plus.

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